Identity Theft Alerts for Medical Professionals

Some examples of identity theft (falsified tax filings) aimed at physicians and dentists:

If you’ve been targeted this tax season, contact the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490, extension 245.

More information is available at



    Thanks for providing these links. Hope I never need to use ’em, but good to know what they are.

    Yuval Bar-Or

    Some resources you can consider using if you ever find yourself a victim of tax fraud or any other form of identity theft. Your options include:

    –Placing a fraud alert on your name and credit report by contacting any one of these three credit bureaus:

    o Equifax

    o Experian

    o Transunion

    –Making an identity theft report to the Federal Trade Commission:


    –Monitoring your credit report at least annually (even more frequently if you become a victim of identity theft). You can request a free credit report from any one of the bureaus listed above or from the following authorized site:


    –Obtaining a copy of your federal tax return by filing form 4506, found here:


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