Our mission is to equip medical professionals with an unbiased, high quality, nuanced education they can use to make better financial decisions for themselves and their families.

Our material has been designed for doctors, in collaboration with doctors. The content has been delivered multiple times within the Johns Hopkins medical system since 2013 to a variety of audiences, ranging from undergraduate medical students, to residents, fellows, and staff physicians.

On all occasions our efforts have been very well received. We have been told our course was the best attended and best rated course available to medical trainees and staff physicians. We have also heard from numerous physicians who have been empowered by our teaching to make better decisions for themselves and to demand more transparent, honest, and effective services from financial advisors. Our effectiveness is measured by the number of actions participants take after attending our courses as that is the best evidence that they feel empowered to make real decisions.

We are committed to delivering a high quality unbiased educational experience grounded in scientific fact. We don’t sell financial products. We are all about unbiased education.

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