Some of our most popular courses and modules are listed below. A typical module requires 30-45 minutes of instruction, and is often followed by 15 to 30 minutes of questions and answers. We can teach any combination of these, and are happy to develop other modules or courses if you’re unable to find what you need on this list.

Course 1: Personal Finance Essentials for Medical Professionals – This is our most popular full course. It covers the basics of personal (or family) financial decision making. Check out the online, modularized version of this course.
Module 1: Axioms of financial decision making
Module 2: The Pillars of Wealth (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, 529 College Saving Plans, etc.)
Module 3: Household budgeting
Module 4: Developing and safeguarding your human capital
Module 5: Professional development timeline
Module 6: Managing debt
Module 7: Risk and decision making
Module 8: Reviewing your employment contract
Module 9: Estate planning
Module 10: Asset Protection
Module 11: Insurance (life, disability, malpractice, property and casualty, long term care)
Module 12: Working with a financial advisor

Course 2: Business and Finance Essentials for Medical Practitioners – This course is designed for medical practitioners who own private practices or are contemplating launching them.
Module 21: Private Practice Pillar – planning timeline
Module 22: Private Practice Pillar – managing human resources
Module 23: Private Practice Pillar – financial management
Module 24: Private Practice Pillar – practice dynamics
Module 25: Private Practice Pillar – corporate risk management
Module 26: Private Practice Pillar – purchasing an existing practice

Course 3: The Investing Pillar(s) – Play to Prosper – This course focuses on investing, and applies to the Stock and Bonds Pillar, as well as the 529 College Savings Pillar. To make the material more accessible, the course utilizes  various game and play analogies to explain the investing “playing field.” The course strives to explain how you can avoid the traps set by other players and how you can set yourself up for success in a world that is generally not a level playing field.
Module 31: Investments Pillar – the Play to Prosper framework
Module 32: Investments Pillar – motives and attitudes of financial market participants
Module 33: Investments Pillar – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), hedge funds, private equity
Module 34: Investments Pillar – reality and risks in financial markets
Module 35: Investments Pillar – “winning” at the investing game
Module 36: Investments Pillar – leveling the investing playing field

Course 4: Dealing with Financial Advisors – Don’t be a Sitting Duck! – Want to get more out of Your financial advisor relationship? Young doctors know they need financial products but they don’t know which ones to get or whom to trust. In turn, doctors are often viewed as prime targets by financial service providers. This module is designed to help you protect your family’s interests by understanding:
1. The insurance agent’s perspective
2. The investment manager’s perspective
3. Some key do’s and don’ts
4. Your responsibilities in an advisory relationship
5. What purpose(s) do advisors serve and where can they add value (and where not)?
6. Should you accept financial advice from medical colleagues?
7. Should you Do-It-Yourself?

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