Workshops & Seminars

Some of our most popular courses are listed below.

Unbiased Personal Finance for Medical Professionals – This is our most popular course. It covers the basics of personal (or family) financial decision making, and typically requires 10-12 hours. This broad course touches on all the major fields of personal financial planning and aims to provide you with a comprehensive perspective of necessary decisions along with a nuanced understanding of the trade-offs that come with constrained decision making. There is also an 8-hour version (usually more appropriate for younger physicians) which omits the estate planning and asset protection portions. Read More

Investing Basics – Take Control of Your Nest Egg – This course focuses on investing basics. It aims to equip you with the necessary tools to level the investing playing field and avoid having to pay high fees that can severely harm your nest egg. The course explains what it means to be a passive investor with a long-term horizon and provides experiential learning which includes assembling an investment portfolio. The course typically requires 6-8 hours for delivery. Read More

Dealing with Financial Advisors – Don’t be a Sitting Duck! – Want to get more out of your financial advisor relationship? Young doctors know they need financial products but they don’t know which ones to get or whom to trust. In turn, doctors are often viewed as prime targets by financial service providers. This course usually extends over 4 to 6 hours and is designed to help you protect your family’s interests by understanding. Read More

Finance & Business Essentials for Medical Practices – This course is designed for medical practitioners who own private practices or are contemplating launching them. It provides a basic introduction to important considerations for owners of medical practices. The course usually extends over 6-8 hours. Read More

Coming soon: Real Estate Investing

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