Investing Basics – Take Control of Your Nest Egg

This course focuses on investing basics. It aims to equip you with the necessary tools to level the investing playing field and avoid having to pay high fees that can severely harm your nest egg. The course explains what it means to be a passive investor with a long-term horizon and provides experiential learning which includes assembling an investment portfolio. The course typically requires 6-8 hours for delivery.

Module 21: The financial marketplace
Module 22: Traditional asset classes: Cash, Stocks, Bonds, and Real estate investing
Module 23: Risk and return tradeoffs
Module 24: Active vs. passive investing strategies
Module 25: Assembling a passive investment portfolio
Module 26: Alternative asset classes: Hedge funds, Private equity, Venture Capital, Commodities
Module 27: Basic taxation concepts
Module 28: Investment accounts (401(k), 403(b), Traditional IRA, Roth IRA)

A typical module requires 30-45 minutes of instruction, and is often followed by 15 to 30 minutes of questions and answers. We can teach any combination of these, and are happy to develop other modules or courses if you’re unable to find what you need on this list.

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