Dealing with Financial Advisors – Don’t be a Sitting Duck!

Want to get more out of your financial advisor relationship? Young doctors know they need financial products but they don’t know which ones to get or whom to trust. In turn, doctors are often viewed as prime targets by financial service providers. This course usually extends over 4 to 6 hours and is designed to help you protect your family’s interests by understanding:

Module 31: The insurance agent’s perspective
Module 32: The investment manager’s perspective
Module 33: Some key do’s and don’ts
Module 34: Your responsibilities in an advisory relationship
Module 35: What purpose(s) do advisors serve and where can they add value (and where not)?
Module 36: Should you accept financial advice from medical colleagues?
Module 37: Should you Do-It-Yourself?

A typical module requires 30-45 minutes of instruction, and is often followed by 15 to 30 minutes of questions and answers. We can teach any combination of these, and are happy to develop other modules or courses if you’re unable to find what you need on this list.

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