Unbiased Personal Finance for Medical Professionals

This is our most popular course. It covers the basics of personal (or family) financial decision making, and typically requires 10-12 hours. This broad course touches on all the major fields of personal financial planning and aims to provide you with a comprehensive perspective of necessary decisions along with a nuanced understanding of the trade-offs that come with constrained decision making. There is also an 8-hour version (usually more appropriate for younger physicians) which omits the estate planning and asset protection portions. Check out the free online, modularized version of this course.

Module 1: Axioms of financial decision making
Module 2: The Pillars of Wealth (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, 529 College Saving Plans, etc.)
Module 3: Household budgeting
Module 4: Developing and safeguarding your human capital
Module 5: Professional development timeline
Module 6: Managing debt
Module 7: Risk and decision making
Module 8: Reviewing your employment contract
Module 9: Estate planning
Module 10: Asset Protection
Module 11: Insurance (life, disability, malpractice, property and casualty, long term care)
Module 12: Working with a financial advisor or doing it yourself

A typical module requires 30-45 minutes of instruction, and is often followed by 15 to 30 minutes of questions and answers. We can teach any combination of these, and are happy to develop other modules or courses if you’re unable to find what you need on this list.

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