Physician Comments on the Pillars of Wealth Course Content

“This was one of the best non-academic courses I’ve ever taken. I am a junior faculty member in SOM and am trying to learn more about my finances, so that I can make better financial decisions & set myself up well for future financial endeavors. The course material was interesting & the instructor was highly knowledgeable. Thank you so much!” – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Staff Physician

“This was fantastic for my level of understanding and the exact right timing for this information. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have cared, and 2 years from now may be too late. I think Trainees [fellows or residents] that are in their terminal training program and going to be joining the workforce are the perfect target audience for this. I, like many other physicians, am extremely weary of financial “talks” and so this unbiased presentation was exactly what was needed from a knowledgeable source. The series was on target given the primary objective of equipping us with the ability to ask the right questions as we make these decisions.” – Cardiology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

“I think the real value here is educating those of us who are 10 years behind our friends in earnings about finances at an important time in our lives (young families or planning for families). Very supportive of this as a yearly seminar for our program.” – Cardiology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

“[This course] allowed us to think ahead with regard to financial planning and not just about academic career goals.” – Cardiology Fellow, Johns Hopkins University

“I enjoyed the course very much, and found it useful. We had purchased disability and life insurance before the course, but it has already inspired me to convert an old 401K to a Roth IRA … We will probably also purchase umbrella insurance.” – Rebecca Dezube, MD, Johns Hopkins University Research & Clinical Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

I found the course extremely helpful in understanding the principles of financial health. I think your perspective and interest in health professionals is particularly helpful and I really appreciate your time and how you tailored things for us.” – Carrie Goodson, MD, Johns Hopkins University Research & Clinical Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Comments on the Pillars of Wealth Books

“I will go so far as to say they [the Pillars of Wealth books] should be must reading for all medical students and residents.”
– Dr. Stephen Schimpff, former CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center

“In the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace, all physicians, new and established, employed and independent, will appreciate the thorough and detailed exam which Dr. Bar-Or gives to that most private and sensitive of areas—their personal and business finances.”
– Richard E. Rubin, MD, FACC, Bethesda, Maryland

“Clinical excellence does not guarantee success in private practice.  Pillars of Wealth Book II is a GPS for doctors to reach Winner’s Circle as private practice owners. Being in business for ourselves is often more challenging than seeing patients.  Dr. Bar-Or’s book is effectively a blueprint outlining Success For Doctors — from a smart start, through efficient process, profitability, quality of journey, to earlier retirement with wealth to spare … The earlier you sign on to Dr. Bar-Or’s best practices, the earlier your success will be realized.  Doctors are trained to manage patients and cases, not business, finance, emotional intelligence, human resource management, marketing, etc. The Force Is With You in private practice when you read and do as this book suggests.”
– Felix Liao, DDS, MAGD, ABGD

“A must read for every healthcare provider who wants to succeed.  Useful information, to the point and easy to understand.  I wish I had this book when I started my career.”
– Dr. Erick A. Hosaka, DDS, MBA

Comments on Yuval Bar-Or as a Speaker

“Dr. Bar-Or presented an excellent overview of how individuals and families can protect their assets today and for retirement. His presentation at the American College of Osteopathic Internists’ Annual Convention in Baltimore served as a valuable refresher for ACOI members who are currently planning for retirement, and provided the necessary steps that Residents should follow as they begin their medical careers.”
– Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE, Senior Vice President, Donor Strategies, Inc.

“Dr. Yuval Bar-Or is the Ferrari of investment training given both the high quality and speed of his training. Through his workshops and private consulting sessions, he took our company from zero to sixty in no time. His investment perspective combines core finance lessons with sophisticated human psychology. He is able to communicate with very effective teaching methods that are also very entertaining and accessible to all areas of professional stages and development. We learned in hours what would have taken months or years to learn ourselves and consequently were able to avoid painful and costly mistakes. Parenthetically, he was able to achieve all that with humor that put everyone at ease and drew repeated requests for additional trainings. We highly recommend his services to others.”
– Dr. Shani Robins, co-founder of Monterey Peninsula Wisdom Adult Day Health Care Centers, Monterey, California

Student Evaluations of Investments, Wealth Management, Risk & Accountability Courses

“The instructor was without a doubt an expert in the subject matter of this course. Dr. Yuval Bar-Or knew the subject material inside and out and was able to accurately and effectively portray relevant information in ways students were able to understand.

“I feel the strength of this course was the knowledge of the professor and his eagerness to teach. The presentation was designed such that we had the freedom to explore our resources, giving us a chance to better ourselves at creativity. This was very beneficial for me.”

“This professor [Yuval Bar-Or] is probably the best teacher I have had in the Johns Hopkins University MBA program … this professor had a very deep understanding of the subject matter … He also made class interesting and fun. I would definitely recommend him to other students and would love to take another class with him again in the future.”

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