What can we expect from American stock markets over the next few decades?

timeJan 19, 2021 | 09:00 amYuval Bar-Or

Some analysts are certain American markets are entering a golden age of high growth. Others fear the opposite. What are the arguments on either side?

In one of my e-book entries, "Thoughts on American Stock Market Returns," I argue that we may be in for lower than usual growth over the next decade or two. Other prominent organizations, such as Vanguard, share similar concerns (see link to their article following my e-book entry: "Vanguard dramatically cuts its expected rate of return for the stock market over the next decade").

To balance out that argument, here is a link to a Yahoo Finance article suggesting the opposite may happen: "Stock Market Could Double Twice by 2040." The article acknowledges some of the observations I make in my original article.

This is a massively important issue, which will affect all Americans significantly in coming years.