unbiased financial literacy for doctors


Should You Turn to Financial Advisors For Education?

Brokers, insurance agents, and financial advisors have their own agendas, and their ‘educational’ events are thinly veiled marketing sessions.

Should You Accept Advice From Peers?

Your peers and mentors may have the best intentions, but they’re medical professionals – not finance experts. Furthermore, their advice may be overly influenced by their personal experiences and circumstances, which may not be identical to yours.

The Obvious Solution: Turn to Unbiased Experts

We’re professional educators and researchers with real world expertise in physician personal finance. Our content was developed in close collaboration with Johns Hopkins physicians and is delivered multiple times per year within the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine system to staff physicians, fellows and residents. To avoid conflicts of interest we don't accept money from financial industry professionals.


Basic financial literacy is a necessary condition for wellness. medical schools and GME programs have an obligation to set their medical trainees up for success. We seek to create long-term relationships with Medical School & Graduate Medical Education departments, in which we return to campus each year to provide unbiased, expert education to medical students, residents, and fellows.

Why Pillars of Wealth?



We are unbiased educators. We don't sell financial products or services. Our allegiance is to our students.



We are experts in the fields of finance and risk management. We provide scientifically grounded, factual content.



Our content may be accessed through books, online course material, and face-to-face presentations.



The topics we emphasize are those most relevant to your stage of professional development.


What our happy customers say
This was fantastic for my level of understanding and the exact right timing for this information. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have cared, and 2 years from now may be too late. I think Trainees (fellows or residents) that are in their terminal training program and going to be joining the workforce are the perfect target audience for this. I, like many other physicians, am extremely weary of financial “talks” and so this unbiased presentation was exactly what was needed from a knowledgeable source.

Seminar Participant

Johns Hopkins Cardiology Fellow

"Overall, I thought the [Pillars of Wealth] course was comprehensive and detailed. It provided a very solid foundation upon which I hope to build ... I feel much more comfortable now engaging in these important conversations with my spouse.

Seminar participant

Johns Hopkins Medical Fellow

Dr. Bar-Or presented an excellent overview of how individuals and families can protect their assets today and for retirement. His presentation at the American College of Osteopathic Internists’ Annual Convention in Baltimore served as a valuable refresher for ACOI members who are currently planning for retirement, and provided the necessary steps that Residents should follow as they begin their medical careers.

Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE

Senior Vice President, Donor Strategies, Inc.

This was one of the best non-academic courses I've ever taken. I am a junior faculty member in SOM [School of Medicine] and am trying to learn more about my finances, so that I can make better financial decisions & set myself up well for future financial endeavors. The course material was interesting & the instructor was highly knowledgeable. Thank you so much!

seminar participant

Junior Staff physician - Johns Hopkins

Great course - would love more of these types of lectures. Highly useful!

workshop participant

Johns Hopkins Staff Physician

I enjoyed the course very much, and found it useful. We had purchased disability and life insurance before the course, but it has already inspired me to convert an old 401K to a Roth IRA ... We will probably also purchase umbrella insurance.

Rebecca Dezube, MD

Johns Hopkins University Research & Clinical Fellow, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

I found the course extremely helpful in understanding the principles of financial health. I think your perspective and interest in health professionals is particularly helpful and I really appreciate your time and how you tailored things for us.

Carrie Goodson, MD


A very practical and realistic speaker/teacher ... much appreciated since he simplifies the complexities of the finance world.

Investing Workshop participant

Johns Hopkins staff physician

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