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Who should purchase Umbrella Insurance?

Who should purchase Umbrella Insurance?” on

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Publication: Radiology trainee retirement programs: Options and participation

Our latest publication on physician personal financial literacy was posted a few days ago in the journal: Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology.

Here is the citation:

Shahriari M, Hesami M, Bar-Or YD, Davoudmanesh Z, Franck B, Yousem DM. Radiology trainee retirement programs: Options and participation. Curr Probl Diagn Radiol. 2024. doi: 10.1067/j.cpradiol.2024.01.020.

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Why financial illiteracy is bad for doctors’ health

There are many studies about divorce, burnout, suicide, and substance abuse among medical providers. Now, Professor Yuval Bar-Or is part of the first literature review aimed at understanding the relationship between doctor stress and personal financial literacy.

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Systematic review of personal finance training for physicians and a proposed curriculum

Many physicians complete medical school and graduate medical education (GME) burdened by high debt and financial illiteracy. This places them at increased risk for ill-informed financial decisions, which can result in increased stress and anxiety and a lower quality of life. Furthermore, financial concerns impact physicians’ specialty selections and may partly explain the scarcity of primary care practitioners. In response, medical wellness programmes have increasingly sought to offer personal finance education, but there is little guidance on optimal curricula. Our objective in this article is to systematically review the existing literature examining physician financial literacy curricula and to recommend a standardised personal finance curriculum.

Article: Systematic review of personal finance training for physicians and a proposed curriculum

Free to access link:

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Faculty Factory episode available in free eBook from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Office of Faculty

We are very pleased to present the second free eBook "Habits and Hacks from Hopkins (H3)" that culminated from year 3 of the Faculty Factory podcast series. The Faculty Factory podcast (“A faculty development community sharing tools to build academic leaders”) was created at Johns Hopkins University in our School of Medicine Office of Faculty in 2019 and has gained an international following with more than 45,000 total downloads and YouTube views from listeners in 70 countries.

Access free Faculty Factory eBook.

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Dr. Yuval Bar-Or's Audible version of Personal Finance Essentials is now available

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or's Audible version of Personal Finance Essentials for Doctors: Pillars of Wealth Book 1, is now available (over 8 hours of content). 


About the Book

The objective of this book is to provide practical and nuanced advice doctors can use to make better personal financial decisions for themselves and their families. The book aims to provide a balanced discussion that recognizes subtleties and doesn’t resort to reflexive emotional responses. Ultimately, this book is about helping you to level the playing field. You don’t need to become a financial expert. You don’t need to compromise your science or patient focus. All you need to know are the basic facts. These will help you determine whether you can and should make decisions on your own, which questions to ask, and how to evaluate prospective providers of financial services in the event you elect to use their services.

The book covers all major areas of personal finance, including: building net worth, budgeting, debt management (student loans, home mortgages), investing basics, retirement planning, identifying insurance needs (life, disability, auto and home), dealing with financial advisors, and estate planning basics.

The content was prepared for doctors - in collaboration with doctors. The author comes from a medical family and is a financial risk management expert.

The content applies to other highly educated professionals such as dentists, pharmacists, attorneys, engineers, etc.






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Yuval Bar-Or opines on auto insurance for

Yuval Bar-Or provides an expert opinion on the impact of COVID-19 on auto insurance. 


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Yuval Bar-Or's Covid-19 Personal Finance guidance published in the HUB

The article Managing Your Personal Finances During the Covid-19 Crisis appeared in Johns Hopkins University's The HUB. In the article, Johns Hopkins wealth management expert Yuval Bar-Or discusses the current disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street and urges a steady approach during a period of economic uncertainty.

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Yuval Bar-Or interviewed for The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Expert series: COVID-19: Business and Economic Impact.

Yuval Bar-Or interviewed for The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Expert series: COVID-19: Business and Economic Impact, "Stay the Course with Personal Finances during Pandemic, Carey Expert Advises."

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Yuval Bar-Or quoted in LA Times

Yuval Bar-Or quoted in David Lazarus' LA Times Column: "It’s National Financial Awareness Day. How’s your money game?"



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Yuval Bar-Or interview on AUA Inside Tract Podcast

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or interviewed by Casey Callanan on the American Urological Association's Inside Tract Podcast (Episode 133): Personal Finance Advice for Healthcare Providers.

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Personal Finance with Dr. Yuval Bar-Or and Dr. Fatemeh Rajaii

Personal Finance with Dr. Yuval Bar-Or and Dr. Fatemeh Rajaii, Wilmer Professional Rounds (online), Wilmer Eye Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, April 22, 2020.

Offered to Wilmer Ophthalmology residents.

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Yuval Bar-Or interview on Faculty Factory

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or interviewed by Dr. Kimberly Skarupski for the Faculty Factory podcast, episode 64: Financial Basics for Medical Professionals with Yuval Bar-Or, PhD (Faculty Factory Snippet No. 14)

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Fawcett’s Favorites 3-23-20 mentions guest post by Dr. Bar-Or

Dr. Bar-Or's guest post on included in Fawcett’s Favorites 3-23-20.

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Money Mistakes Physicians Make

Dr. Bar-Or's guest post titled "Physician Money Mistakes" appears on 

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Dentistry Rising Podcast

Dr. Bar-Or interviewed by California-based dental podcaster Dr. Bette Robin on the "Importance of a Financial Plan," episode 72.

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Hopkins Medicine Magazine

Article in Hopkins Medicine Magazine, “Unbiased education in personal finance should start early in a doctor’s training.” Winter 2019 

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Carey Business Magazine

Dr. Bar-Or quoted in Carey Business Magazine, By the Numbers: Pension Headache. Carey Business, Fall 2019.

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Carey Business Magazine

Dr. Bar-Or quoted in Carey Business MagazineDoctors in DebtCarey Business, Fall 2018.

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Medical Journal Cureus

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s article, Implementation of a Comprehensive Curriculum in Personal Finance for Medical Fellows, appears in the Medical Journal Cureus, January 2018