Investing Basics for Doctors

Proper personal financial planning involves numerous investing-related decisions. Doctors must make these decisions in their retirement plans, in their children’s 529 college savings plans, in the context of a home purchase, within brokerage accounts, and when considering buying into a private practice, to name a few.

This book demystifies the financial system and its participants, covers basic asset classes (stocks, bonds, real estate, cash), alternative asset classes (hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, commodities), the tradeoffs between risk and return, active vs. passive trading strategies, and addresses how to assemble an investment portfolio.

Table of Contents
Introduction Comment
What is Investing? Comment
Investing Involves Risk Comment
What Can I Invest In? Comment
Investing in Funds Comment
The Stock Market - Explained Comment
Passive Portfolio Step 1: Pick a Strategy Comment
Passive Portfolio Step 2: Allocate Assets Comment
Passive Portfolio Step 3: Select Securities Comment
Passive Portfolio Step 4: Monitor & Rebalance Comment
Bond Ladders Comment
Investing in Real Estate Comment
Alternative Asset Classes Comment
Taxes Comment
Active Investing Example - Dividend Income Portfolio Comment