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Article in Hopkins Medicine Magazine, “Unbiased education in personal finance should start early in a doctor’s training.” Winter 2019

Dr. Bar-Or quoted in Carey Business Magazine piece, Doctors in Debt. Carey Business, Fall 2018.

Dr. Bar-Or quoted by Reuters’ Carolyn Crist in “Young surgeons face high debt, financial instability,” June 11, 2018

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s article, Implementation of a Comprehensive Curriculum in Personal Finance for Medical Fellows, appears in the Medical Journal Cureus, January 2018

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or quoted by Natalie Sherman in the Baltimore Sun article “Laureate IPO still pending amid political flap, industry crackdown,” October 8, 2016

Dr. Bar-Or interviewed by Richie Bernardo for Wallet Hub’s article “2016’s Best Cities to Flip Houses,” August 2, 2016

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s recent interview on Sweet Fish Media. “What is Risk Culture and How Does a Leader Shape It?”

Baltimore company stocks are mixed amid market turmoil in January.” Dr. Yuval Bar-Or quoted in Baltimore Sun article, January 29, 2016

Legg Mason buys stakes in 3 financial management companies.” Dr. Yuval Bar-Or quoted in Baltimore Sun article, January 22, 2016

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s article on Human Resource Management: “Relying on People to Compete with Corporate Dental Practices” appears in Progressive Dentist Magazine October/November, 2015

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s article on empowering physicians with financial literacy appears in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, July/August issue, 2015

Martin O'Malley, Dr. Brian Gunia, Dr. Yuval Bar-Or at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Graduation 2015

Martin O’Malley, Dr. Brian Gunia, Dr. Yuval Bar-Or at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Graduation 2015

Professor Yuval Bar-Or comments on the growth in popularity of index funds among investors (July 11, 2015), Baltimore Sun, Carrie Wells. The story also appears on Bloomberg Business.

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or interviewed in Moving Forward podcast regarding Financial Literacy Skills for Medical Professionals (July 1, 2015), and Stitcher Radio, John Lim

How Renters Can Build Long-Term Wealth, Too” (June 11, 2015) US News & World Report, Joanne Cleaver. Also appears in Yahoo News.

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or receives Excellence in Teaching Award 2015 during May 20, 2015 Commencement ceremony. Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, Baltimore, MD

“The Economic Impact of the Baltimore Riots” Yuval Bar-Or interviewed on WTOP radio, May 2, 2015

Pillars of Wealth books reviewed on Medical Megatrends site. April 27, 2015, by Dr. Stephen C. Schimpff.

Understanding Uncertainty and Common Risk Management Challenges,” Investments & Wealth Monitor, a publication of the Investment Management Consultants Association, March/April 2015

American College of Osteopathic Internists’ Newsletter summarizes Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s estate planning session. Vol. 24 No. 6, November 2014 (page 6)

5 tips for college students interested in investing” (September 13, 2014) USA Today, Steve Nicastro

Power of Attorney Radio podcast: “Dr. Yuval Bar-Or Explains the Pillars of Wealth” in an interview by Wayne M. Zell, Esq. (June 26, 2014) Reston, VA

PRESS RELEASE: Just What the Doctor Ordered, Yuval Bar-Or Provides Prescription for Financial Success for Physicians and Dentists (February 28, 2014) PRWEB, Baltimore, MD

PRESS RELEASE: For Love or Money: Financial-Risk Management Methods Can Pay Off in Romantic Relationships, Johns Hopkins Business Professor Advises (February 5, 2013) PRWEB, Baltimore, MD, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

Bank profits could hinge on bad-loan reserves” (October 11, 2012) American Public Media Marketplace, Mark Garrison. Dr. Bar-Or’s more complete comments on this subject may be found here.

Unlucky in love? Adopting savvy investors’ methods could help” (August 6, 2012) The Baltimore Sun, Eileen Ambrose

With Libor suit, Baltimore reinforces role as banking watchdog” (July 14, 2012) The Baltimore Sun, Steve Kilar.

Baltimore city is among many suing big banks over allegations of rate-rigging” (July 9, 2012) The Baltimore Sun, Eileen Ambrose

Investor distrust likely to rise after Facebook IPO debacle” (June 4, 2012) The Baltimore Sun, Eileen Ambrose

Yuval Bar-Or on TweetChat panel, “Savings for Your Future – IRAs” (March 27, 2012)

Yuval Bar-Or author of The Small Investor’s Survival Guide – Interview [audio] (December 16, 2011), John Hanna

Yuval Bar-Or author of The Passive Investor’s Game Plan – Interview [audio] (November 28, 2011), John Hanna

For Better Rating Agencies Go Back To Campus” (November 18, 2011), Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

Sovereign Credit Ratings: Relics Of A Bygone Era” (October 28, 2011), Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

An app for investor sentiment” (September 2011), Consumers Digest

“Hurricanes Drive Home Appeal Of Alternative Energy Sources” (September 6, 2011), Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

The Wrong Conversation About Credit Ratings Agencies” (August 8, 2011), Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

A Financial Advisory Model For Small Investors” (July 21, 2011) Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

Come On Gen X, Take Some Chances” (June 20, 2011), Wall Street Journal, Veronica Dagher

PRESS RELEASE: Play to Prosper: The Passive Investor’s Game Plan by Yuval Bar-Or (May 12, 2011)

“Calculating (Small) Company Credit Risk” (March 2011),, Yuval Bar-Or

“What One Advisor’s Letter to Her Son Reveals About Americans’ Attitudes Toward Money” (February 25, 2011), Bob Margolis

” ‘Safe’ Strategies Can Be Their Own Risks” (February 9, 2011), Joe Mont

” ‘Safe’ Strategies Can Be Their Own Risks” (February 9, 2011) The, Joe Mont

Getting Good, but Cheap, Financial Advice” (December 23, 2010), Sheyna Steiner

“In Tough Markets, Humility Pays” (November 12, 2010) Wall Street Journal Video (3:12), Annie Gasparro

“Why Being Financially Literate Isn’t Enough” (November 10, 2010) Wall Street Journal, David Weidner

You’ve Earned It. Now What?” (November 9, 2010), Washingtonian, Kimberly Palmer

The Real Story with Gregg Greenberg – Yuval Bar-Or Interview” [Final 7 minutes of podcast] (October 28, 2010) The, Gregg Greenberg

“BondDesk Report Gives Advisors an Insider’s View of Corporate Bonds” (October 12, 2010) AdvisorOne, Joyce Hanson

“Explaining Your Value As a Broker” (October 10, 2010) InvestmentNews, Yuval Bar-Or

“Advisers Find Niche Deep in the Corn Belt” (October 10, 2010), Lisa Shidler

“Rating Agencies Should Get A Death Sentence” (September 24, 2010) Forbes, Yuval Bar-Or

PRESS RELEASE: Play to Prosper: The Small Investor’s Survival Guide by Yuval Bar-Or (September 13, 2010)

“Online Brokers Face Fiduciary Spotlight” (August 23, 2010) The, Laurie Kulikowski

“Young Investors Risk More by Risking Less” (August 18, 2010) The, Joe Mont

“Should Young People See a Financial Planner” (August 5, 2010) US News & World Report, Katy Marquardt

“SEC hopes to clarify 12b-1 fees” (August 1, 2010) The Arizona Republic, Russ Wiles

“Investors Score Some Gains in Financial Reform Overhaul” (July 21, 2010), Sheyna Steiner

“Investors Score Some Gains in Financial Reform Overhaul” (July 21, 2010), Sheyna Steiner

Leveraging People for a Corporate Turnaround reviewed by Workplace Magazine (July 2009)

Author Yuval Bar-Or in Businessweek (May 11, 2009)

Yuval Bar-Or, “Blind Spots in Current Risk Management Practices: Measurement Error,” Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions, Volume 1 No. 4, July 2008

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