Education for Employers

We work collaboratively with your human resources department or wellness program to design a personal finance education experience that works best for your organization, under your budget and scheduling constraints

We offer a range of learning options, including:

  1. Live (synchronous) or remote (Zoom) workshops, customized to your organization's needs
  2. The voluminious free content available in our e-Books and Links, Templates & Calculators
  3. Print and Audiobooks (available through Amazon.com). Discounts are available on bulk print book orders.
  4. Online courses (asynchronous)

Our content is modularized. You may select a pre-existing course consisting of several modules or you may select individual modules (a la carte). We're also happy to customize content for your population.

Many wellbeing programs have dedicated, hard-working staff who seek to deliver financial literacy in the most cost-efficient fashion. We are delighted to collaborate: We seek to make your lives easier by providing access to unbiased, professional, science-based content. Working with us is more cost-efficient than trying to re-invent the wheel and struggling to stay current on all content changes. It is also far better for your constituents' wellbeing to learn from us - an unbiased source - than from finance industry professionals who have an agenda to sell financial products.

Please contact us to discuss further, including an opportunity to examine our online courses or request a free introductory workshop (45-60 minutes).


Free Introductory Webinars

We’re delighted to offer free 45-60 minute introductory webinars. Our only requirement is that you arrange at least ten participants. 
Potential topics include any subject matter you encounter on this site. You may also suggest other topics and we will seek to accommodate as long as they fit within our mandate.

Please contact us to discuss further.