Graduate Medical Programs

Graduate Medical Programs

We work closely with members of your Graduate Medical Education (GME) office to help deliver customized education to positively impact the financial wellbeing of your medical residents and fellows. 

We can work with you on a customized solution designed to meet your trainees' unique needs. These may include live (in-person or remote) synchronous education sessions.

In addition, or instead of, live sessions, which often pose scheduling challenges, we can arrange access for your students to one of our existing asynchronous online course(s). Courses could be used as electives within your educational framework, or as extracurricular offerings. There are currently two online courses:

  1. A five (5) hour video-based course
  2. A sixteen to twenty (16-20) hour academic course with learning objectives, readings, quizzes and exercises

Topics that tend to be of particular interest to medical trainees include:

  1. Formulate a financial plan 
  2. Know your net worth - track assets and liabilities
  3. Manage student debt 
  4. Accumulate assets
  5. Budget to live within your means - list and quantify income and household expenses
  6. Understand investing basics
  7. Plan for retirement
  8. Insure people and property
  9. Deal with financial advisors
  10. Review your employment contract

Please contact us to explore further, including an opportunity to examine our online courses or request a free introductory workshop (45-60 minutes).


Free Introductory Webinars

We’re delighted to offer free 45-60 minute introductory webinars. Our only requirement is that you arrange at least ten participants. 
Potential topics include any subject matter you encounter on this site. You may also suggest other topics and we will seek to accommodate as long as they fit within our mandate.

Please contact us to discuss further.