I will go so far as to say they [the Pillars of Wealth books] should be must reading for all medical students and residents
– Dr. Stephen Schimpff, former CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center

Over 80% of doctors feel anxious about financial decisions*

Most medical professionals (physicians, dentists, etc.) complete their residency or fellowship without sufficient knowledge of business and finance. This educational deficiency often leads them to make sub-optimal financial decisions. It also leaves them vulnerable to potentially unqualified or unscrupulous salespeople pitching a variety of financial products. In response, we created the Pillars of Wealth financial literacy initiative.

This was fantastic for my level of understanding and the exact right timing … I think Trainees (fellows or residents) … are the perfect target audience for this. I, like many other physicians, am extremely weary of financial “talks” and so this unbiased presentation was exactly what was needed from a knowledgeable source. The (Pillars of Wealth) series was on target given the primary objective of equipping us with the ability to ask the right questions as we make these decisions. – Cardiology Fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital

We are educators – We don’t sell financial products

Our content has been designed for doctors, in collaboration with doctors. It aims to help you level the playing field by teaching you to make better financial decisions, including whether you can and should make decisions on your own, whether you should rely on a financial advisor, and how to evaluate provider(s) of financial services (advisors, insurance agents, wealth managers, etc.).

In the rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace, all physicians, new and established, employed and independent, will appreciate the thorough and detailed exam which Dr. Bar-Or gives to that most private and sensitive of areas—their personal and business finances. – Richard E. Rubin, MD, FACC, Bethesda, Maryland

Dr. Yuval Bar-Or’s article on empowering physicians with financial literacy

appears in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, July/August issue, 2015

Investing in your financial literacy is your best path to financial security. You don’t need to become an expert, but at a minimum you must know the basics, so you can know what you don’t know. We can help. Please contact us for additional information.

Annie Gasparro Wall Street Journal interview of Yuval Bar-OrPower of Attorney Radio Wayne Zell interview of Yuval Bar-Or

* As reported by physicians and dentists in educational workshops, Baltimore, MD, 2014.

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