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Should You Turn to Financial Advisors For Education?

Brokers, insurance agents, and financial advisors have their own agendas, and their ‘educational’ events are thinly veiled marketing sessions.

Should You Accept Advice From Peers?

Your peers and mentors may have the best intentions, but they’re medical professionals–not finance experts. Furthermore, their advice may be overly influenced by their personal experiences and circumstances, which may not be identical to yours.

The obvious solution is to have unbiased experts provide a broad education that relies on science rather than fads and sales pitches.

That’s where we come in. We’re professional educators (university professors) with extensive academic and real world expertise in the many fields that fit under the financial literacy umbrella. These include, among others: debt, wealth, and risk management, insurance, college, retirement, and estate planning, as well as contract negotiations, selecting financial advisors, budgeting, investing, and launching a private practice. Our allegiance is to you and you alone–our students. We don’t sell financial products.

Train the trainer

Want to learn how to teach financial literacy to your colleagues? We are thinking of offering a 'Train the Trainer' course, enabling you to help your peers and students learn financial basics. Please contact us and specify your interest in Train the Trainer.

Why Pillars of Wealth?


Our content may be accessed through books, online course material, and face-to-face expert presentations.

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We are unbiased educators. We don't sell financial products or services.

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We are experts in the fields of finance and risk management. We provide scientifically grounded, factual content.

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What our happy customers say
This was fantastic for my level of understanding and the exact right timing for this information. 3 years ago I wouldn’t have cared, and 2 years from now may be too late. I think Trainees (fellows or residents) that are in their terminal training program and going to be joining the workforce are the perfect target audience for this. I, like many other physicians, am extremely weary of financial “talks” and so this unbiased presentation was exactly what was needed from a knowledgeable source. The series was on target given the primary objective of equipping us with the ability to ask the right questions as we make these decisions.

Seminar Participant

Johns Hopkins Cardiology Fellow

Dr. Bar-Or presented an excellent overview of how individuals and families can protect their assets today and for retirement. His presentation at the American College of Osteopathic Internists’ Annual Convention in Baltimore served as a valuable refresher for ACOI members who are currently planning for retirement, and provided the necessary steps that Residents should follow as they begin their medical careers.

Barbara L. Ciconte, CFRE

Senior Vice President, Donor Strategies, Inc.

"Overall, I thought the [Pillars of Wealth] course was comprehensive and detailed. It provided a very solid foundation upon which I hope to build ... I feel much more comfortable now engaging in these important conversations with my spouse.

Seminar participant

Johns Hopkins Medical Fellow

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