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This section outlines your responsibilities as an employee. Considerations may include:

  • The types of work you are expected to perform. This encompasses examinations, consults, procedures, etc.
  • The locations where the work will be performed. Will you work in a single location or will you be required to spend time in several hospitals in your town or county?
  • Travel requirements. Are you expected to spend significant time travelling to other cities, states, or countries on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis?
  • Weekend coverage or on-call duties. While very senior doctors may be able to have these reduced or waived, more junior professionals are usually required to make themselves available for these additional duties. You do have a right to ask that your required commitment be equitable. That is, you will not be required to take on a greater burden than others with similar seniority. 
  • Constraints on external activities. Are you allowed to work and earn income from sources other than your employer?

There may be other elements to consider. An experienced attorney will be aware of these.